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Jose Luis Roscales. Ecological factors determining contaminants levels and isotopic signatures in seabirds. Ph.D grant 2004. Generalitat de Catalunya. Spain. Supervised by Jacob Gonzalez-Solis.
5-Roscales, J.L., J.Muñoz-Arnanz, J.González-Solís and B.Jiménez (2011).

Geographic and trophic patterns of OCs in pelagic seabirds from the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean: a multi-species/multi-locality approach. Chemosphere. In press.
4-Roscales, J.L., J.González-Solís, P.Calabuig & B.Jimenez (2011).

Interspecies and spatial trends in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Atlantic and Mediterranean pelagic seabirds. Environtmental Pollution. In press.

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3-Roscales, J.L., E.Gómez-Díaz, V.Neves and J.González-Solís (2011). “Feature article”.

Trophic versus geographic structure in stable isotope signatures of pelagic seabirds breeding in the northeast Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series. In press.

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2. Roscales, J., Muñoz-Arnanz, J.,González-Solís, J., Jiménez, B. (2010).

Geographical PCB and DDT patterns in shearwaters (Calonectris sp.) breeding across the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean archipelagos. Environmental Science & Technology 44:2328-2334.

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1. Bolton M, Smith AL, Gómez-Díaz E, Friesen VL, Medeiros R, Bried J, Roscales JL & Furness, RW (2008).

Monteiro’s Storm-petrel Oceanodroma monteiroi: a new species from the Azores. Ibis. 150: 717–727.

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