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Raül joined the Animal Biology Department at the University of Barcelona in 2003. In 2005 he obtained the Master Thesis degree in Zoology and on 2007 the Oficial European Master in Animal Biodiversity. His previous research work has focused primarily on the implementation of biogeochemical markers, such as stable isotope and heavy metal analyses on feathers to determine different aspects of avian life history strategies. That topic disparity ranges from determining the trophic ecology of different populations of gulls, with its potential implications for environmental health, to studies of migration patterns and movements of pelagic seabirds, such as the trans-equatorial migration of shearwaters.

After his PhD, he worked with the laboratory of Dr Lei Fumin in Beijing, undergoing a multidisciplinary study about the role of a transcontinental migratory bird (Merops apiaster) on the epidemiology of a Microsporidia parasite (Nosema ceranae). At present, he is analysing a demographic dataset of Macaronesian shearwaters as well as the importance of the Canary Current for these shearwaters in collaboration with Dr Paulo Catry in Lisbon.
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