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Teresa Militão. Understanding migration of pelagic seabirds with stable isotopes and geolocation. Ph.D. grant 2008. Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). Portugal. Supervised by Jacob González-Solís.
2. González-Solís, J.,M.Smyrli, T.Militão, D.Gremillet, T.Tveraa, R.A.Phillips, T.Boulinier (2011). Combining stable isotope analyses and geolocation to reveal kittiwake migration. Marine Ecology Progress Series. In press.

1. Ramos, R., T.Militão, J.González-Solís & X.Ruiz (2008). Moulting strategies of a long distance migratory seabird: the Mediterranean Cory’s shearwater. Ibis 151: 151-159.

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